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My European Adventure in the Summer of 2011

Well, almost a year after my wife and I went on our long awaited european adventure, I am finally able to put pen to paper, or rather fingers to keyboard to pass on to you some of the more interesting and helpful details of our trip. I originally decided to create a blog to pass on information that I thought would be helpful to other travellers who could learn how I try to travel in the highest class possible using as little money as is possible. Because of my background as a practicing lawyer and my business experience, I looked at creating other blogs regarding money and investing. Finally, when I hit the big 5-0, I thought a blog on issues relating to midlife would be interesting for me to write and hopefully for the reader to read. As I tried to steal a bit of time here and there to work on the blogs, I realised just how much time creating and writing blogs took up. And due to some mean hackers who targeted my sites, they were down for a little while while I relaunched more secure blogs. At that time, I decided to stick to perhaps one blog, this one – www.midlifeshift.com – and write about life as a midlifer while also creating several categories dealing with discount travel and eventually money and investing. This would cut my overhead in terms of time by 2/3 but still permit me to write about things I am interested in and hopefully are helpful to you too.

So with this post, I will begin my series of posts on my travel and adventures in Europe last summer. For those of you going this summer or planning a future trip, my hope is that this will prove interesting, at times funny and helpful in terms of saving you time and money on your adventure.

So here I go, my European Adventure.

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