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JFK and Dallas

Over the years I have read various books on John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK), members of his family and also on his assassination. I was one of those guys that wasn’t sure what happened but felt confident that Lee Harvey Oswald was the person who shot the president. I thought he was just a nut that likely did it on his own to try to gain fame for whatever twisted reason, perhaps to show his wife he was not impotent. Although I am not sure how taking the life of an innocent man by shooting him without his knowledge shows any degree of potency or courage. In fact, it doesn’t! I always felt that there was a chance that he was in fact acting either on behalf of someone else or together with some one else, but I didn’t think this likely.

Recently, I saw a video entitled, “JFK The Smoking Gun” which seemed to make sense of the forensic evidence that existed at the time and that which has more recently been uncovered. It explains a lot of the loose ends and shot angles that seemed to not quite make sense if Oswald was the only shooter.

It got me reading other JFK Assassination books such as that by William Manchester entitled, “The Death of a President” a lengthy, almost encyclopaedic read about the events surrounding the president’s death. I am still reading this. I just finished “JFK Has Been Shot” by Charles Crenshaw, one of the numerous docs in the emergency room that day and Jens Hansen and J. Gary Shaw. Finally, The video documentary mentioned above led me to buy and begin reading, “Mortal Error”, a Bonar Menninger based on the research done by Howard Donahue.

I feel I have been enlightened by these books and have changed my mind as to how the assassination went down. But more on that in my next entry in the coming days.

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