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Blue Mountain Trip – biking and being a tourist

I occasionally visited Blue Mountain when I lived in the Toronto area quite some time ago, but hadn’t been in a long time (a couple of decades) so I decided to spend a few days there recently. Toward the end of June, I checked in on a Sunday afternoon and planned a stay until Thursday.

Wow, what a difference. Driving into Collingwood was the first shocker as the small town had grown up quite a bit, but still had that small town feel. But there were many, many more businesses and opportunities to shop and eat than when I was last there. I drove down the main drag and headed west to Blue Mountain. The town turned suburban and then rural pretty quickly and it was about a 10 minute drive to my hotel at Blue Mountain. I stayed at Club Intrawest, a beautiful resort across the street from the Pedestrian Village of Blue Mountain.

The village was really quite well designed and had a great mixtures of shops and restaurants. There’s a Starbucks, Pita Pit, Beavertails, a few bar and grills and clothing and biking shops such as Columbia and Red Devil Sports. But that’s only some of the offerings. There’s an activity center that offers 3 types of activities; Base Station Activities, Mid Station Activities and Summit Activities. Examples are rides down a luge, a Segway tour, high ropes course, zip lining and even mini golf at the base. Of course you can take the Gondola up and back down again if you like, for a fee. You get discounts if you are staying on-site.

Activity Center with luge in background

Activity Center with luge in background

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