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My experience with dieting using Weight Watchers

When I decided to begin dieting in earnest several years ago, I decided to go with Weight Watchers (WW) because people I knew had used it and had many good things to say about it. More important, it worked for them. I also read that Weight Watchers was the best way to reduce or control weight as it did not cut out large parts of your diet but mainly managed the amount of food you ate, which apparently was also healthier. As many of you know, Weight Watcher’s latest version, which began perhaps a couple of years ago which was coincidentally at about the same time I began my WW diet, uses a point system assigned to various foods.

It also assigns zero points for many, perhaps all fruits and vegetables. I do not know what the theory behind this is, but it strikes me as a good idea because that would promote a more healthy eating style, incenting people to eat more fruits and vegetables, which usually have less calories, in some cases many less calories than other foods such as breads, meats, fats etc. Having said that, it is important to eat other foods that contain sufficient protein, fat and fibre etc. WW provides for this and tracks this. It also tracks the amount of water or liquid you drink each day as well as good fat and vitamins.

I am referring to the online WW program as that is the only WW method I used. I decided against the meeting format because I felt I would spend too much time at meetings, may find them boring and so would stop going. I am not saying this is true or not, just that I felt this way for me. I also felt that watching one’s weight was a personal thing, although I later realized that this belief was likely wrong as it helps involving your friends and family, in my opinion anyway. I also found that I loved the WW apps on my iPhone and iPad and it made it much easier to track everything including food, water, exercise, good fats, vitamins and of course most importantly points! Going online was very easy as well as it was easy to set up an auto sign in so I went right to where I wanted to be. For me, the online version was a no brainer and I found it easy to successfully track my eating and review where I was at any point during the day, which I found I needed to do to control what I was eating. It worked for me.

The only issue I had with WW was that I had signed up on a monthly basis meaning it renewed every month and I paid every month. At some point, I lost the amount of weight that wanted and so I changed my plan to a 3 month plan to keep using WW to maintain my weight. I was sure that at the end of the 3 months my subscription would terminate. I thought nothing of it until a number of months later when I noticed that somehow WW had switched me to a month to month program again, which I felt without my authority, and they had continued to bill me.

Normally I would call or write or both to fix this and get a refund but I ended up not having the time (I know, a weak excuse), and instead decided to continue the program for a few more months on a month to month basis to lose a few pounds that I had gained over the ensuing months. After several months, I made sure that I had cancelled the program at the end of that month. And sure enough, my subscription did end at the end of that particular 30 day period and they stopped billing me. This was several months ago.

I decided I would try some of the free apps out there to see if they will help me maintain my weight and if needed, lose weight. WW is still likely the nest program but I will report back after I try another program and let you know.

Oh and Weight Watchers stock price plummeted a couple of months ago due to it not meeting its financial targets, mainly reduced sales and also profit in addition to the forecast sales and profit being reduced as well. I may write another post showing how Weight Watchers stock may be a good buy now due to the stock price being so low.

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