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Weight loss plan focuses on muscle buildup

When looking at weight loss diet plans, it is not unusual to find ones that focus on weight loss, and getting a healthier body. It is harder to find ones that also focus on building up muscle. The Body for Life book by Bill Philips does just that.

This book, which is also available online, is a diet and fitness program. While focusing on losing the unwanted weight, it teaches one to eat healthy and exercise healthy. By eating the right foods at the right time and in the right amount this diet teaches one how to improve the general health of their body.

It does not focus on counting calories which is a positive for many dieters. Instead it focuses on the size of the portion that is eaten. There are 6 meals involved in the diet, which believes that healthy snacking throughout the day will help. The book also provides many healthy recipes for the user to make at home.

Article by Mark Whysall of ADI News

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