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Gone crazy like Charlie Sheen on Weight Watcher’s

Hey there amigos,

As you know, I have been on a weight watcher’s (WW) diet since about the beginning of this year. I have been pretty good and followed the plan very closely. Even during the first week where I travelled out of town and had to eat at restaurants, I followed the plan.

But this past week has been crazy. OK, well maybe not as crazy as Charlie Sheen, sho has taken “crazy” and “out of control” to a new level, but I did break the rules.

First, I had about 4 pieces of pizza; 2 of meat and 2 of veggie. Were they ever good.

Then I had a number of family social events that I had to attend and I had no control over what was served. At the first event on the weekend, sandwiches were served with veggies, chips, dips and desserts. The bread was THICK, really thick as compared to my usual weight watcher’s or other reduced bread. Plus I overstayed and so I ate meat sandwiches for lunch and dinner. However, I was able to control myself somewhat and ate only two sandwiches (which had only meat, no veggies). I stayed away from the chips and dips and had only a very small piece of dessert.

But the following night I absolutely pigged out on cookies with milk chocolate on them. I had about 6 small bags of cookies with about 8 tiny cookies in them. Earlier that night I ate take out but only had half the meal, which may explain why I may have been hungry late that night.

Then the next night a member of my family wanted to eat take out at Swiss Chalet as it was her birthday. Fed up with trying to decide if french fries or baked potatoes or whatever was the best choice, I ordered BBQ chicken with fries and cole slaw for everyone. I avoided the bun though!

When I weighed in yesterday, I expected weight watcher’s armagedden. But surprisingly, I was down 1 or 2 pounds from the week before. The new analog scale would say 183 then 184 then back to 183. In the end, I chose 184 pounds to be conservative for another 1 pound lost this past week.

The moral of the story? I have no idea. But when I figure it out I will let you know. In the meantime, enjoy reading about, watching and listening to Charlie Sheen ranting and raving while you can because I am sure, and I hope for his benefit, it does not last long.

Oh and if you follow twitter, Charlie’s “handle” is @CharlieSheen. Makes sense, I guess, which is probably the only thing that does in his life right now.

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