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Weigh in day

For about the first 8 weeks of Weight Watcher’s online, I followed the program closely. I entered every single thing I ate and entered my activities as well. I even used recipes from the recipe section.

But about a week or so ago, I became sidetracked with a number of things and was having problems working out as my back issues and now a knee issue was causing me real problems. So I did not get the chance to sign on to the website throughout the day and enter everything that I ate.

Still, I followed the program and ate properly, trying for the most part to stay within my points allowance for the day. I did however, eat out and maybe once or twice a week I had fries or pizza. What I did not do was watch my points closely and save up points for the end of the day as I had been doing the last maybe 6 weeks. (During those last 6 weeks I was scared that I would be hungry at night so I ate less during the day and saved up a disproportionate amount of points for the evening.) I ended up eating more during the day and probably less proportionatley at night.

The result was that I weighed myself this morning and I dropped 4 pounds to 180. I felt great. As of now, I have lost 25 pounds and have 5 to go to get to my target weight of 175 pounds.

All in all, a good beginning to the day and a great week.

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