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Travel – another reason to lose weight

I am down to about 180 pounds now from 205 and hopefull will get to my original target weight of 175 before I leave on my trip to Europe this summer. One of the things my wife made me promise before we got married was that we would go on a trip to Europe by our 20th anniversary. For some people, I am guessing woman mostly, going on a vacation especially to a beach would incentive enough to lose weight. I say women mostly as I have seen women lose significant weight to fit in that slimmer bikini or dress or whatever for their future vacation. I don’t know how women do it, but they do. I have tried to use this sort of incentive months before I go on a vacation down south but it never worked for me.

The first week we want to spend at one location on a Greek or Italian island or by the sea to take it easy and take in the scenery. We are looking to rent something for a week so if you have anything available, let me know please.

Our plan is to visit primarily Italy and France, but we will also make a trip to Switzerland, likely to Geneva. We will hit the usual highlights such as Rome, Florence area and Venice in Italy. In Rome I definately have to see the Vatican. I would like to see more of Switzerland, but time constraints only permit a couple of nights in Geneva. One of the days will be spent going up to Mont Blanc. We will also head down to the Grenoble/Lyon area and then down to the south of France for a few nights.

We looked at the option of flying to the various destinations, taking the train, bus or driving. We decided to take the train and use Eurail. For those of you that want to check out the train option, you can do so by clicking on the highlighted Eurail link below this paragraph.

Finally we will end upin Paris for 3 or 4 nights and fly back home.

But first, I must carry on withmy diet and keep trying hard to lose more weight!

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