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Health – keep at it every day

Over the last couple of weeks, I stopped exercising, stopped taking vitamins and went a little bit lax on my diet. First, I stopped exercising because I injured my knee and then began a cold. I stopped taking vitamins because I need to undergo a non-urgent test where I am not allowed to take vitamin C supplements for two weeks. And the diet got a bit lax due to travelling and staying at an out of the way hotel where there were limited choices in meals and snacks.

About 4 or 5 days ago, I caught a slight cough which has developed into a really bad cough with a conjested chest, sore ears and a bit of a sore throat. I likely caught the cough from my wife who has had a bad one for a number of weeks.

The reason I point this out is that health is something important that we are often blessed with but which we also have to nurture by taking care of ourselves. Proper diet, exercise, stretching sleep and nutrition which often includes dietary supplements in the form of vitamins. Little by little I chipped away at the “system of care” I had created for myself. By this I mean I became lax in my diet which inlcuded eating better and less calories to lose weight. I stopped exercising despite being able to, likely without harming my knee. I used the knee as a “crutch” if you will. I haven’t stretched properly in months which likely led to my knee injury, which over time appears as if it is a torn MCL. (Despite this, my phhysiotherapist recently told me I could bike on it.) I have been going to bed later and later and waking more tired over the last several weeks. I stopped the vitamins for the reason stated above. In short, I stopped nurturing my relatively good health and as a result, it seems I have caught a bad flu or bacterial infection.

The obvious message from this is not to try to fool yourself as I have into believeing that you can take a few days off on the various components of taking good care of yourself. Don’t say I will miss working out today and then create excuses to miss other days for not valid reasons. Work hard to feed yourself properly, excercise, eat right including supplements if you take them and get the amount of sleep you need. Because all it takes is a little excuse here, missing something there and the homeostasis that you created will fall apart allowing your health to deteriorate.

Respect the good health that you have and work as hard as is needed to keep it that way!

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