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European Trip

So my wife and I decided to take a trip to Europe for our anniversary. It started way back when as perhaps a 1 week trip to Grenoble and Paris, both in France of course. At some point over the years, i thought that a single week was too short after having travelled so far, at least for us. So it got bumped up to two weeks. As we approached the year of travel, we talked more specifically about what we wanted to see and where we wanted to go, we realised that there wasn’t enough time in the summer to permit us to see all that we wanted to see. So we set three weeks as the length of our vacation; it being the most time we were able to take away from home and our children. As many of you travellers realise, it is never enough. Having said that, we were fairly tired out after our three weeks, missed our children and were happy to get home.

We decided to schedule some rest time in the trip toward the beginning and then set out to see a few areas of western Europe that we both wanted to see quite a bit. So here was our plan. We would fly in to Paris and spend three days and two nights touring there. Then we would fly to Crete in Greece. We used our Club Intrawest bonus week to stay for a week in Crete. Then we flew to Rome for 2 nights and three days. Then we took the high speed train to Venice, a place my wife insisted on seeing. We spent about 24 hours in Venice. Then off to Geneva, via a stopover evening in Milan so we would not have to spend a day in the train. While in the Geneva area, our plan was to see Mont Blanc. Then off to Grenoble for about 24 hours to visit a place my wife had lived for short period of time a couple of decades ago. Then to Marseille for 2 nights and 3 days. And finally, we returned to Paris via TGV train for our final two nights and 3 days there, before boarding our flight home to Ontario, Canada.

I plan to blog about my trip to western Europe in a number of separate posts in this blog and also at www.travellersresource.com. In this blog, I will try to focus on some of the dietary challenges that I encountered when I went to Europe and perhaps the walking which I would categorize as part of a fitness regime if you are dieting. I intend to talk more about the actual trip in www.travellersresource.com

A bientot.

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